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Suggested Donations:

Founder's Box ($1,500 and Up)
Corporate Donor's Box ($750-$1,000)
Producer's Box ($200-$500)
Artistic Director's Box ($75-$150)
Friends of Saltbox ($25-$50)


Our first Kickstarter Campaign has ended - thanks to all of our donors! 

Personal checks made payable to Saltbox Theatre Collective can be mailed to:

Saltbox Theatre Collective
8452 Harding Ave.
Skokie, IL 60076

*Saltbox Theatre Collective is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, so your gifts are generally tax-deductible. Saltbox acknowledges all donations with a receipt for your tax records. In appreciation of your gift, Saltbox also offers various opportunities to access VIP events and other exclusive privileges that will enhance your theatre experience.

Thanks to our donors!

Founder's Box:
Matthew Adams
Jeramie Simmons

Producer's Box:
Nelio Costa
Keith & Kathleen Elkins
Joe & Andrea Goodkin

Artistic Director's Box:
Mark & Terri Bernstein

Special "Seed Money" Kickstarter Contributors
We would like to thank the following persons for all their help for they "got us off the ground" and provided us with hope and support: 

Matthew Adams
Joanie Bernstein
Mark & Terri Bernstein
Dave & Jill Burke
Nelio Costa
Bill & Diann Cox
Mackenzie Cox
Lauren Demerath
Patricia Demerath
Lynn Dubajic
Keith & Kathleen Elkins
Marcia & Bob Ellis
Nora Evans
Brian Fruits
Joe & Andrea Goodkin
Marie & Ira Goodkin
Andrea & James Gustafson
Molly Gustafson
Michelle & Sukant Hajra
Stephen Hancock
Debbie Heuser
Chas Howard
Jeff Howard
Wanda Hunsucker
April Hunsucker
Gary & Sheryl Jarrett
Angela Jos
Kevin Koerber
Mike Kowalczyk
Holly Lau
Carol Lawrence
Ian Martin
Peter Martin
David Mason & Rhodes College
Diana Matz
Judy Miller
Amy Moore    
Jon Pazol
Andrew Pederson
Kasey Ray
Susan Schiff
Michael Schwartz
Timothy Schiff
Jeramie Simmons
Carla Skiba
Sherri Stephens
Randall Stevens
Matthew Suss
Danielle Swanson
Jim Welch
Heather & Jack Westphall
Davida Williams
Katherine Williams
Kathie Yanno
John J. Yorke
Peter & Virginia Zisson