2017-2018 SEASON: Nightmares


Prop Theatre, Chicago IL – June 22-July 23, 2017
Sponsored by Jeramie Simmons

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In the Soundless Awe features tv and film star Jason Narvy ( 

Jason Andrew Narvy is an accomplished film and stage actor from Los Angeles, CA. He began his career studying at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute in Los Angeles and quickly found employment in the Hollywood film industry. Between 1993 and 1999, he portrayed the role of the comic villain "Skull" in over 300 episodes of Fox television's Emmy-nominated Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and its spin-offs, Power Rangers Zeo, Power Rangers Turbo, and Power Rangers in Space, as well as 40 episodes of Fox Television's Masked Rider as the voice of "Chopper." While under contract with Fox, Jason also filmed two feature length films under the MMPR franchise, Power Rangers: The Movie and Turbo, as well as leads parts in two pilots for Fox/Family, Men in White and The Bulk and Skull Show. He also appeared numerous commercials, public service announcements and voiced numerous toys, tie-ins, and video games for Fox, ABC, and Disney. Onstage, he has worked around the country with the American Shakespeare Center in Virginia, Clayworks Theater Company of Los Angeles, the Santa Susana Repertory Company, Shakespeare Santa Barbara, Legitimate Theater Company of Brooklyn, NY. Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble in Pennsylvania, Dutch Kills Company, and in Chicago with Babes with Blades, The Chicago Dramatists, the Piven Theatre, and the Fine Print Play festival.

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